Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Look Book....

Remembering one incident is difficult because there have been so many to take guard against...hahaha did i say take guard??? of course i did bro...i have to make it happen.

Do I look like a goon out here??
People, over the past few decades have discussed and decided over the need for a good old fashioned clean shave....but why really?? What is actually hidden in behind that perfectly clean shaved look?? Are we trying to peel off the so called mask....the mask that perhaps creates the bit of estrangement...that bit of a negative vibe that may result in long waved rupture. 

Talk about my friend who has just returned to India after a longish tryst in the great britain... she comes in a says ' whoa! people hardly shave there man....Indians are clean enough' that does express a bit of preference about that lonely, desolate lady standing right at the bar counter....might not feel like accepting your drink, that is preference.....

Would u respond to a guy like this?

Salesmen...yes dear, they tend to maintain their clean shaven look so that the female consumers never sway away, especially..when they arrive with their bizzare marketing plans in the afternoon. Their discounts and 'lucrative' offers might go for a toss in that case.

Yet, has anybody managed to find a logical reason behind this much hated stubble theory? I think it completely violates the law of unconditional probability but on the other hand....proves Newton's 3rd law...every action (Shaving the sparse bit of hair off) has an equal and opposite reaction (The lady's appreciation)....hehe makes sense? 

I have been tagged by Sammya in his first post on this interesting topic....I am responding to him.

* This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda. I am tagging Anita, Titas and Sammya again.