Sunday, 20 December 2015

To Sangria With Love...An Informal Indulgence

What could be the most perfect thing in a winter afternoon rather than sipping your favorite wine 'Sangria' at a place close to your heart.For an ardent foodie like me, this was the best experience ever.And as i write my experience my taste buds are still indulged in those wine glasses and those sumptuous bites of Dahi Kebab and Cheesy Porks.Gosh! What an amazing afternoon it was!

Food, Friends, Fun over a sip of Sangria... 

Welcome to the land of Gastronomical Delights : INFORMAL
Let us have a look at the MENU...

The Amazing Ambiance Inside...

The Bar...
The Sangria Experience...
'S' for Sangria...

Those Sizzling Cocktails...
The Sumptuous Dahi Kebabs...
Cheesy Pork Dishes...

The place is lovely with a greenery around.What i loved the most is the amazing behavior of the staffs.You have both the choice to seat inside or outside in the rooftop.With some amazing music playing around you can feel the good vibes.The food tastes just awesome.Especially when you are in Informal, you must try the cocktails and chessy porks along with the Dahi Kebabs.I stayed there for 2 hours and fell in love with the place.And, this is not the end folks.Christmas is coming and there's loads more happening at Informal.So, if you wanna give a treat to your taste buds? Visit Informal and make your christmas, a 'Merry Christmas'.See you there!

PS :  Thanks to team Informal for the invites.Wish to visit again and again.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Starry Date with BBQ at ITC Sonar Kolkata

What can be the most perfect way to celebrate this winter under the starry sky amidst the lily water bodies, soulful music and the aroma of freshly barbequed delicacies? Well, I think the ‘Barbeque under the stars’ at ITC Sonar, Eden Pavilion left my heart and soul with some everlasting memories to cherish forever. I was invited for a special preview last Saturday and fell in love with the concept. 

The Starry Date with BBQ!

We arrived at about 7:30 p.m. with the cool breeze of air mixed with the smell of freshly grilled barbeques; the weather was absolutely perfect for the evening. As we were waiting for the fellow bloggers to arrive in the meantime we decided to take a walk along the pavilion to witness the eternal beauty of the venue. The hotel pays tribute to the beauty of Bengal through its landscaped fish-filled water gardens full of exotic lilies. Bathed in the moonlight under the starlit sky with the smoke covering the serene surroundings amidst the lily water bodies, the beauty of the mesmerizing ambiance was something which made us totally engrossed. 

Eden Pavilion Lawn : Venue for the lovely date!

As the clock struck 8 and all the fellow bloggers arrived finally, we began our journey to the delicious land of barbeques. The guests were greeted by the neatly laid out buffet line which forms part of the Barbeque. We were accompanied by Arundhati, our wonderful hostess for the evening and the Chef who gave us a brief about the various cuisines, their specialties and how they were prepared. There were salad station, soup station, dessert station and even a curry station. With such a great variety of Indian, Iranian and Continental dishes available, we were spoiled for choice. 
The Salad Station : Our first stoppage!
Next Station : Sea Food!
The Alcohol Station : Wanna take a sip?

The Kebab Station : Loved the Tangri Kebab!

Final Station for the evening : Desserts!

I decided for some chicken Sausage platter and Chicken Shawarma along with a sip of Champagne while my friend tried Sunshine Snapper fish with lime juice and cilantro. I have tasted Chicken Shawarma before, but this time it was really a different experience. I am sure there must be some magic in the hands of the chef. The chef told us that out of all the dishes, Tangri Kebab and Tandoor Pomphret are something one should must try and indeed we fell in love with both the platters. Apart from these, I also felt that the among the non-veg dishes Arbi Ghosht-ka-salan, Silver Promphet, Mutton Seekh, Prawn marinated with garlic and tahina, mutton seekh and among the Veg Subz Biryani, smashed sweet potato and makkai di roti accompanied by paneer tikka are some dishes which pampered by taste buds in true sense. The food was so well grilled and delicious!
The Enticing Buffet Spread!
Your personal BBQ Chef!
The buffet spread was enticing too, especially since I spied some of my favourite dishes on the line. Meanwhile, the BBQ Chefs were working on the some of the orders for early dinners. The aroma interspersed with the cool breeze amidst the lily ponds was absolutely delightful. Makes me feel like I was in some beach resort. 
Kudos to the chefs for making such delicious dishes!

It was getting pretty chilly by then. As the night descended, the place took on an almost magical, surreal hue. For a while, I couldn’t stop to question myself "Really we are in Kolkata?" 
The Mesmerizing ambiance : Really we are in Kolkata?

I remember there runs a popular adage ‘All’s well that ends well’ and as I tasted those mouth watering desserts I understood how true those lines were. Whether it’s the chocolaty cakes or the baked sandesh, nolengurer rosogolla or mango pudding, kesari rabri or lengcha, sandesh or the yummy-flavoured ice-creams served with hot chocolate, the desserts made me go crazy. Oh God! I can still feel that hot chocolaty mud pie melting in my mouth. It was indeed a chocolaty affair! 
Assortment of Desserts! (Loved the Mango Pudding)
You have diabetes? Don't worry here is a option for you!

It could be the relaxed vibe of Eden Pavilion or the unhurried Saturday laid back pace, It could be the exquisite taste of the delicacies or the warm hospitality offered by all the ITC staffs especially Arundhati, It could be the heavenly ambiance or the soulful music. I find myself enjoying the Barbeque under the stars more than expected and I wish we had lingered longer. It was a fantastic idea by ITC Sonar to reinvent itself this winter by giving opportunities to friends and family to spend some good time together ‘Under the Stars’.
Hey still thinking? Book your reservations now.We are waiting for you!

ITC Sonar, Kolkata will be hosting Barbeque under the stars at Eden Pavilion lawns from 13 th December till 12 th January 2015. There’s a lots of good food from a buffet spread salad of starters and salads to a wide variety of Barbecued mains and free flow deserts to sweeten the entire experience. Walk in every evening 7:30 pm onwards to savour culinary masterpieces from the grill including shawarma, harleem, roast leg of Lamb, kebabs, grilled seafood and vegetables, to name a few paired with a selection of wines, whiskies and cocktails. 

BBQ under the Stars: - 
Date : 13th Dec – 12th Jan 2015  
Time : Everyday 7.30 pm onwards
Venue : Eden Pavilion lawns, Its Sonar Kolkata
Price : INR 2250 plus applicable taxes.
It does not matter whether you are a veggie or non veg, at ‘BBQ under the Stars’ we have arrangements for all. So, what are you waiting for?  

Come and enjoy. Trust me, it’s a lifetime opportunity!

Signing off for now.Catch you next year. :)
I would like to express my heartfelt sincere gratitude to Arundhati Ghosh of ITC Hotels for her wonderful company throughout the event, all other ITC Staffs for the lovely hospitality, my friend Sammyabrata and last but not the least to Sam for clicking the photos.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

From Illusion to Reality : The World Remade

It was a monsoon night. The rain just started. There was such a soothing smell which created a different ambiance in the room.Thoughts were coming and going.There arises an inner conflict in my mind ‘Should Change begin with us’? 

We all think so.But is it a reality or an illusion or we are every moment fooling ourselves?We always love to give so called ‘gyans’ and what we cannot do, we expect others can do it. Rather looking into our own’s fault ,we are busy finding it in other. I believe we will certainly get a changed world but before that we have to change our mentality.Change begins with ‘ME’-ntality’. 

Everything from a better food to better transportation to better medical to better Government is possible but is it possible to change a human behaviour?Is it possible to stop rapes at every part of world if the persons does not understand he himself is doing a crime?Is it possible to make feel someone the power of love so that he does not go for an extra marital? It is not. Our minds rather our conciousness must change. Let us go back into the ancient Ayurveda ages where the treatments from nature could do miracles without no side effects. Today depression, suicidal rates has severely increased especially among the youths but I think it’s not their fault.We need to go deep behind every reason that these people are frustrated towards the society and so they are giving up.So why built such a hypocritical society?In my words we should look for,

A world where a mother can freely breed her child 

A world where relationships are made in heaven

A world where politics is there to save Humanity. 

A world where love is the key of religion .

A world where corruption is a myth. 

A world where women and men are treated equally. 

A world where people love to work than making money.

A world where Humanity is the Biggest religion. 

A world where there is no fear and hatred. 

A world where ‘Change begins with #Conclave15’

I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15 . 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

The World Remade : A journey to Utopia

As the day is about to end and I am all set to close my eyes to enter the dreamy world, humming to the tunes of Michael Jackson :

I am all set to write down my journey towards remaking the world : 

A dream full of vision and goals

A dream full of joy and love

A dream where everyone cares for one another

A dream where there is no boundary of religion

A dream where women get equally respect as men

A dream where Job opportunities are equally divided

A dream where Education is provided to all

A dream where sex is not a taboo

A dream where Freedom of Speech exists in reality

A dream where Transgenders roam with head held high

A dream where no one has Aids

A dream where Contraceptives are easily available

A dream where people work because they love to. 

In my dream world, happiness rules money

Happiness lies in small things

In my dream world, we are learning every moment

Learning never ends here

In my dream world, medicine is free for all

No one dies without treatment

In my dream world, there is no insecurity

Love is the biggest medicine

In my dream world, you can travel in seconds

Travelling is fun and joy

In my dream world, humanity is the biggest party

Affection defeats Corruption

In my dream world, Food is available in plenty

Sharing is Caring

In my dream world, lips don’t lie

Nature is the lie detector

In my dream world, there is no deforestation

Beauty lies in every corner of nature

In my dream world, we have no religion

Humanity is the biggest religion

In my dream world, we have no war

Love is the winner of the battle

In my dream world, ‘Wo’Men completes ‘Men’

Incomplete without another

In my dream world, actions surpasses thoughts


To end with one of my favorite lyrics from John Lennon's 'Imagine' :

Imagine there's no heaven                                                 It's easy if you try                                                             No hell below us                             
Above us only sky

Imagine there's no countries                                       It isn't hard to do                                                       Nothing to kill or die for                                                 And no religion, too

Imagine no possessions 
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people
Sharing the world

You, you may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you will join us
And the world will live as one'

I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15 .