Woman's Cry

July 17, 2013

Crimson, blood-filled tears,
A gibbeted memory you left for me,
To keep with me for life.

Gibbeted while your hands moved ferociously-
Worked their way to your own profanes,
Regardless of my silenced, wrench-filled screamings-
Heedless of my days thereafter.

Your lips, that moved, where they desired-
Your tongue, smothering hot as fire,
Scars from burns received from your wretched wickedness-
Shall remain with me till my gibbeted end.

A gibbeted life I am determined to live,
Tears shall be salt water no more-
I shall pour blood in each drop that leaves my eye,
I shall muffle each sound that leaves my throat.

Gibbeted I shall remain, thereafter,
When I wake up from those day-time dreams.
Gibbeted I shall remain thereafter,
May peace be with you, for you need it more than me.

They say no hell’s fury is worse than a woman scorned-
I am however, silenced within.
Jolted, trembling in haste-filled retreat-
I escaped your claws, and now I sit here-Gibbeted now, gibbeted then.

Gibbeted voice and gibbeted strength-
Silenced now, silenced then-
Here with nothing but the butchered, murderous scream of silence.

Ears none but my own to be slaughtered,
By the gibbeted scream of silence.
Naked, stripped, violated and empty-
Voided, lewd and bare,
Here I lie, come and take some more from me-
Bathe in my crimson, blood-filled tears,
Come, gibbet me more…
Aegis me from this hateful scream of silence…
Come bare me more,
Come bare me more-
Kill me then,
Leave me not after,
Chew me away, take my soul-
Gibbet me now, gibbet me more.

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