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Life and Death : The two sides of the same coin

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins? – Edgar Allan Poe.

                                                                    Life and death are the two most opposite extremities to each other but one is incomplete without other. It's like two sides of the same coin on and whether its head or tail,the motto is life must go on.What connects these two journeys is our soul. Life is nothing but a jug of water filled with emotions, desires and our crave for materialistic things. But when we see death it’s totally opposite as if the jug is still there but there is no water. There are many questions which arise in our mind ‘Is there any life after death’? Or simply ‘What is Life and death?’ Death is nothing but just a transformation of soul from one body to another and life is the journey of the soul towards death. I am not going into deep that whether life exists after death or not but the thing which truly amazes me is the ‘Rituals’ relating to life and death especially in Indian context.

                              India as we know is a land of diversities. There are many religions with different beliefs. We found that often when a person dies his death is treated as a sad incident that gives us negative vibrations. Everyone feels so depressed that the soul is not anymore within us. But I remember when I was in Bangalore and sleeping in room suddenly I heard some sounds of drums and saw fireworks bursting outside my windows. It was not a festival time then so I got a bit curious. When I went on the road I saw some people dancing with the music and all are very happy, to be precise in celebration mood. I was enjoying the moment until I realized that it was a funeral procession of a particular person. This incident left my mind with several questions and I was a bit amazed to see the incident. Later, when I was trying to analyze the situation I found it pretty meaningful. There are some people belonging to a particular religion who consider death to be a loss that’s why they feel remorse but on the other hand some believes that it’s a heavenly thing and that the person will achieve heaven or come back again is a reason to smile. We all live in India where we have differentiated ourselves with the name of ‘Religion’ but what we have failed to understand that whatever be the path it leads to the same destination. Cloud of faiths prevailing along the sky is that unique thing which makes ‘India’ so special.                                                 
                                                            Where the incident is the same death but it carries different meaning to different persons. What I truly believe is that indeed Death is the ultimate truth of life and is considered to be a sad event but it has some positivity in it also. Would there have been any life if there is no death? The circle of life completes here. We human beings are weak enough to go through this simple truth in fact the same is with me also but what I feel one should be remembered with the happy moments and success of his life, for his positive contributions to the society. The book of secrets of life will be unrevealed till that moment until we realize two basic things ‘Who am I’ and ‘What I am here for’. The rest is a journey. Some smiling faces while some crying, some good luck and some bad but whatever it is life must move on and the search for eternal truth must continue until we achieve salvation.
                                                            The boundaries of life and death seems to be so close to each other when we see the following  video which is a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe :-

Now the question is one,Is Death the beginning of Life or Life the beginning of Death ????

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