Saturday, 10 August 2013

Vagabond's Diary : The Incredible India

Few hours..some priceless moments of life.Went on a short trip from Jorashako Thakurbari with a launch ride in the Ganges.The day was a bit different..ahead of the same monotonous rat race.The vibrations are on its full form.Group of people were carrying vessles of water in their shoulder and moving towards temple to offer them to God.The lanes of north Kolkata was fully decorated today with lights and flowers.Every now and then there is a pandel with a deity of Lord Shiva and people are performing various some singing song..some dancing..some smoking a joint.Whatever there activities were all they had in their mind was a craving for God or just a new reason to celebrate i don't know but it was good.. The environment was filled with different sounds.From the chanting of Lord Shiva's name to playing 'dhak' and 'kashor'..there was something special flavour in it which we miss in regular day's hectis rather materialistic life.Some realizations..some repentance thoughts..flashing of some 'feel good' moments..some reasons to feel much of much of beliefs..Truly amazing.This could happen only in India.
What makes the journey so special as if the journey seems to cover everything..a circle of life to death..which begins from the birth place of Tagore at Jorashako and ends at his cremation place at Nimtala.The experience was a bit trippy one.So many questions raised in my mind and i m constantly trying to resolve them and feel the current state of mind.To be honest,i was a little confused.All i have in my front is some people bathing in the Ganges before starting their journey for the temple..some storing some Ganges waters in their big jars to offer them to God.As if the nature is being covered by a shawl of Saffron but the other people in the ghat were are not at all concerned about what's happening there.It seems they are used to it or may be all are busy in their own life.I can see a launch full packed in the mid Ganges approaching towards the bank.The people inside the launch are shouting in ecstasy 'Bhole Baba Par Karega'.There are different colors from the street lights which are reflecting into the water forming golden hues.The Shiva hymns are still on in its full mood.It's a big festival for them.So many unknown people have gathered together for the same cause in sake of religion.Some have different wishes to pray..some are walking just for inner peace..some for health..some for money..some for lust and some for gold.

When i was heading towards home i took the Howrah bridge and walked down till park street until i got a bus.Standing in the bridge looking at the seems that we are moving as if we are still in the launch and the shadows are falling in the water imitating our various hand movements.Some thoughts are coming into mind and disappearing in another seconds.I guess the poet inside me wants to write and it seems there are so much things which i want to express.Some priceless moments..some priceless expressions which money fails to buy.In short,a perfect answer to the question 'What is Happiness'? or 'Are you happy?'

What a brilliant way to express I am proud to be born in a country like India which has so much of diversities in cultures and among various cities..various religions which when gets reflected into human life changes its total meaning and gives us an inner eye to observe the same thing but with a different look.All that is needed is faith and hope.Also needed is self surrender to achieve or get close to God.I wish to witness plenty of journies like this one in future.A trip which will i never forget.

 Cheers to Travelling.Cheers to Life.

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